30 day speaker summit 
 1-3 FEBRUARY 2021


This is the the Summit where you will gain access to 30 Top Communication Experts from all over the globe! Our industry experts range from, CEOs, Doctors, Authors, Tops Sales People, Public Speaking Coaches, Stutter Coaches, and so much more! 

They will give you insight into some of the best tools, strategies, and techniques on how you can improve your speech, and build the confidence to use your authentic voice, so that you can BE the best version of YOU!
This event is something you don't want to miss out on. If you have ever dreamed of speaking with confidence in all situations, then this is the summit that will help you get there. 

The 30 Day Speaker Summit is a 3 Day-Long Online Event. However, the idea is for you to treat this summit like a 30 day challenge following the Summit. Once you learn from our Top Communication Experts, you can start implementing your favourite lessons into your everyday life and share them with the world for the next 30 days by using: #30dayspeakerchallenge. 

We don't want you to only attend the 3 Day Summit and then stop there...we want you to create momentum for yourself so that you can have lifelong change! 
Communication is the golden thread of connecting you to be the best version of yourself. The foundation of creating your dream life starts with your ability to share your ideas with the world! So tell me... Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge? #30dayspeakerchallenge



The focus of this Summit is on bettering your communication, and we have selected 3 categories that we felt would best fit this desire:
  • DAY 1 - The Art of Socializing
  • ​DAY 2 - Overcoming Stuttering
  • ​DAY 3 - Public Speaking

Check out the full Summit Agenda.

You will learn how to speak with confidence under pressure, build genuine relationships, become fluent in your speech, learn to public speak on stage and off the stage with absolute confidence & certainty. 

....And with Communication and Public Speaking Coach Daniel Francis as the host, you could not be in better hands.
  • Business Owners
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Public Speakers
  • ​Professionals
  • ​​Sales People
  • ​Students 
  • ​​People who Stutter
  • ​Anyone wanting to improve their overall speaking abilities!
OUR SPeakers ARE Featured in:
Armin Shafee
CEO of Elite Speakers Academy, Creator of the  Speak and Get Clients Program, and The REBORN Experience. Armin is also the Vice President of Think and Grow Rich Institute. He has sold over one million dollars of coaching programs. 
Luke Hessler
Entrepreneur & Public Speaker. Founder of the Digital Academy Center. Luke has also built a downline network of over 26,000 people in 15+ countries.
Ryan White
Founder of the globally recognized social media marketing company, Social Revelation & Creator of Ryan White University.
Lucas Mattiello
Founder of Level Up Living and the Official TEDx Speaking Coach. Lucas helps entrepreneurs to speak with confidence on stage and video so they can 10x their income, exposure and impact.
Jordan Stupar
Founder of Stupar Sales Academy. Host of the  @underdogstalk Podcast, & Creator of the Joran StuparYouTube Channel.
Dr. Lori Bouchard
Owner of Inside Health Naturopathic Healing Center. Dr. Lori is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. 
Keyen Lage
Runs a Leadership Consultant Business for World Leaders and High Achievers. His clients include Professional Athletes, CEOs, Social Media Influencers, and Serial Entrepreneurs.
Pedro Pena
Husband, Father, USAF Gulf War Veteran, and Entrepreneur. Pedro is the host of:
 My Stuttering Life Podcast.
Jacquelyn Revere
Creator of the Youtube Channel, Jacquelyn Joyce. Jacquelyn is also the ambassador for AIS (The American Institute for Stuttering). 
Darren Cabral
CEO & Founder of Suits Social, one of Canada’s first dedicated social media ad agencies. 

Melanie Levenberg
Co-Founder of Impact Entrepreneurs, CEO of PL3Y Inc. International Speaker and TEDx presenter. Melanie helps entrepreneurs grow their business on purpose. 
Abraham Heisler
CEO of Internal Leverage. Abraham is a Mindset and Performance Coach who helps Entrepreneurs develop more focus and clarity in their businesses.
Aaron Redpath
Founder of Purpose Driven Mentality Basketball, a professional basketball training academy. Aaron received the National Basketball League (NBL) All Canadian honours for the 2018-2019 NBL Canada season. 
Chase Gillis
Coach for people who stutter & helping people live authentically and expressively.
Ashley-Ann Periera
Founder of The Studio Press & author of the book: The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Owning My Story. Which has been transformed into an online coaching and healing experience.
Patrick Red
Founder of Elite Lifestyle Mentoring & Coach. Helping Hundreds Build Social Circles. 
Andrew Kaspiris
General Manager at one of the dealerships with FFUN Motor Group. Andrew was also Best Sales Person of the year for 3 years in a row at Grant Cardone Canada.
Dr. Michael Wilson 
Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, & Dentist. 
 He’s a passionate stuttering advocate, host of the “Stutter with Confidence” podcast, and facilitator of a Zoom support group of people who stutter in which he encourages people to go out and face their fear of speaking.
Dat Le
Creator of the Dat Le: Living at the Highest Level YouTube Channel. Dat is also an Entrepreneur & Investor.
The Zab Twins
Hosts of the Young Start-Up Podcast. Started an entrepreneurship journey in the e-commerce industry. 
Gazal Amin
Founder & Mindset Coach at Authentic Gazzy. Vice President Organization at Ontario Young Liberals.
Dr. Cameron Raynes
Anthropologist, Professor, and Author. Dr. Cameron Raynes has also won the Josephine Ulrick Literary Prize. 
Lois Cookie Green
Founder of the Facebook Group: 
From Stuttering to Confidence with 3500+ members.

Arthur Smolarkiewicz
Founder of the consulting and coaching company, Have the Edge. He helps business professionals and entrepreneurs reach new levels of business performance and personal excellence.

Peter Louw
Author of "Stuttering as a Mindbody Disorder" (2020) and Creator of the Facebook group:
Stuttering as a Mindbody Disorder.
Quan Nguyen
Speaker & Coach⁣. Author of The Morning Hero⁣. Host of The Quantum Shift Podcast & Creator of the Youtube Channel: Coach Quan⁣.
Justine Levenberg
Owner of Sportball Vancouver. Co-Founder of Impact Entrepreneurs. Founder of the Facebook Group: Impact Entrepreneurs.
2020 Mompreneur Award of Merit Winner!
Andrey Denisenko
Founder of the Free From Stutter Program that helps people who stutter truly enjoy speaking interactions. Andrey is also a Corporate Lawyer.
 Austin Medlin
Entrepreneur, Sales Expert and Founder of the RF-PDP Method.
Rama Siva
Speech and Mind Consultant at Stuttering Mind. A personal development organization for people who stutter. 
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Summit agenda
FEbruary 1st
The Art of Socializing
  • Networking with Confidence 
    Dat Le 
  • How to Build a Social Circle
    Patrick Red 
  • Developing Real Connections
    Darren Cabral 
  • Why Selling is Everything 
    Jordan Stupar 
  • Staying Confident Under Pressure
    Aaron Redpath
  • Creating Genuine Interactions
    Keyen Lage
  • The Power of VulnerabilityJustine Levenberg
  • Using Authority & Influence
    The Zab Twins
  • The Importance of Self-Image
    Gazal Amin
  • Becoming the Hero of Your Life
    Quan Nguyen
FEbruary 2nd
Overcoming Stuttering 
  • Using Your Authentic Voice
    Chase Gillis 
  • Creating Your Tribe
    Lois Cookie Green
  • Radical HonestyDr. Michael Wilson
  • Being an Influencer with a Stutter
    Jacquelyn Revere
  • The Benefits of Naturopathy  Dr. Lori Bouchard
  • Living Free from a Stutter
    Andrey Denisenko
  • Stuttering as a MindBody Disorder 
    Peter Louw
  • Conquering Your Stuttering Fears
    Pedro Pena
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Dr. Cameron Raynes
  • Spirituality & its Benefits on Stuttering
    Rama Siva
february 3rd
Public Speaking
  • Mastering Your MindsetArmin Shafee
  • Being Purpose-Driven 
    Luke Hessler 
  • Creating a Social Brand
    Ryan White 
  • How to Speak with Confidence
    Lucas Mattiello
  • Developing Conviction
    Andrew Kaspiris 
  • Overcoming Fear when SpeakingArthur Smolarkiewicz
  • Being Playful with Public Speaking
    Melanie Levenberg
  • Engineering Confidence 
    Abraham Heisler
  • How Story-Telling Builds Trust 
    Ashley Ann Pereira
  • Commanding a Room
    Austin Medlin
CEO & Founder of Overcoming Stuttering 
Creator of The Master Your Stutter Program
Daniel Francis
Initially from Toronto, Canada, Daniel Francis is an individual who grew up with a severe stutter, and had a huge desire to Overcome Stuttering once and for all.

Daniel has not only be able to overcome his stutter, but has been able to revolutionize and design his ideal life. He has been able to public speak on stages in front of thousands of people. Trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of sales representatives on communication, leadership, and personal development. As well, broken countless records in his sales & leadership career. He is now dedicated to help others overcome their stutter, and create the life they desire.
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Grimsby, Ontario
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